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    Rapid action in many places to cancel highway epidemic prevention checkpoints

    Release Time:2022-12-14 00:54:24 View:903

    Forwarded from China Logistics and Procurement Network 2022-12-14
    620 epidemic prevention check points of trunk roads in Hebei Province were canceled, and 613 epidemic prevention check stations of roads in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region were evacuated... On December 7, after the comprehensive team of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council issued the Notice on Further Optimizing and Implementing the Prevention and Control Measures for the COVID-19, the transportation departments in Hebei, Guangxi, Zhejiang and other places acted quickly to optimize and adjust the prevention and control measures for the transportation epidemic.
    On December 8, the Leading Group Office of Hebei Logistics for ensuring smooth traffic held a work scheduling meeting, requiring all regions to quickly remove all relevant facilities such as vehicle inspection, nucleic acid detection and traffic control, and fully restore normal road traffic; For sections prone to congestion and accidents, traffic safety facilities shall be added and road management and maintenance shall be strengthened to continue to consolidate the achievement of ensuring traffic flow. As of 14:00 on the same day, 620 epidemic prevention checkpoints of trunk roads in Hebei Province had been cancelled.
    The service area of Hebei Expressway implements the requirements of "three no's and one no's", that is, the special parking area for key vehicles will no longer be divided, drivers and passengers will no longer check the nucleic acid test negative certificate and health code when entering the indoor service place, and will no longer register vehicle and personnel information; The service area shall not be closed due to positive cases or epidemic related personnel.
    Hebei will take targeted measures to divide postal express facilities outside high-risk areas as far as possible. If it is really necessary to shut down, it should be reported for approval according to relevant requirements, and relevant measures should be taken to recover as soon as possible. It must not be closed down at will; Postal express facilities in non high-risk areas shall not be shut down; The personnel of postal express industry shall be included in the "white list" management, and the reserve of materials and personnel at postal express emergency stations shall be strengthened.
    Guangxi paid close attention to various prevention and control measures, and canceled the regional expressway exit and national and provincial trunk highway epidemic prevention inspection stations. As of 10:00 on December 8, 613 highway epidemic prevention inspection stations in Guangxi had been evacuated. Guangxi will bring the front-line employees of transportation and logistics into the "white list" management, supervise and guide the management units, ports and transportation enterprises such as key passenger and freight transport hub stations, trunk roads, trunk channels, navigation buildings, highway (water) service areas, optimize and improve the epidemic prevention emergency plan and disposal measures, and ensure the normal production order.