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  • 0756-8818851
    Website announcement:In business, welcome to use Weihang Logistics!


    SERVICE PHONE 0756-8818851


    Company Introduction

    Zhuhai Weihang Logistics Co., Ltd. is a modern logistics company registered by Zhuhai Administration for Industry and Commerce and franchised by Zhuhai Transportation Bureau. The company provides logistics services at home and abroad. Domestic service include Air Cargo Transport, Less-than-Truck-Load, Full-Truck-Load, Railway luggage & Parcel Transportation, Transportation-Distribution-Packaging-Warehousing Integrated Modem Logistics Service. International Service include Express Delivery (DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT), Air transportation, Sea transportation, China Hong Kong Transportation,Import & Export, and Customs Declaration, Freight Insurance Services.

    Weihang has been engaged in logistic industry for more than ten years. At the beginning, it was Zhuhai Weihang freight forwarding Co., Ltd. Thanks to the support of customers and friends, it was renamed Zhuhai Weihang Logistics Co., Ltd. with the diversified development of the company' s business. The headquarters of the company is located in Zhuhai Cross Border Industrial Zone, with elegant environment and convenient transportation. It has established long-term cooperative relations with hundreds of well-known enterprises. We have a professional international and domestic logistics team, with modern business management concepts, create refined operation process management, and provide customers with "high-quality, fast and safe"
    services. With rich experience and advanced services, we are highly trusted by customers. As always, we adhere to the service principle of "Being Attentive Throughout The Process", and provide you with high-quality and reliable diversified transportation services.
    The company has passed the examination and approval of the Ministry of Economy and Trade and the State Administration of Civil Aviation, and obtained the National First-Class Freight Forwarding Qualification. It was rated as one of the Top 100 Logistics and Freight Integrity Enterprises, and the company passed the approval of the Ministry of Communications and obtained the Business Operation Qualification of NVOCC. In 2003, the company passed the approval of the State Post Administration and obtained the Domestic and International Express Business License.

    By adopting the Cargo Safety Responsibility System, Vehicle Global Positioning System (GPS), advanced handheld terminal equipment and network management platform, and a perfect and efficient after-sales service network, Weihang logistics monitors the whole service process in real time to provide customers with safe, worry free and assured quality services. The comprehensive multi-functional logistics service system of Weihang logistics can meet all logistics and transportation needs of large and medium-sized customers, and improve customer service satisfaction and brand competitiveness.

    Weihang Logistics' Market-Oriented and Customer-Centered Business Philosophy has won the unanimous trust of our customers. Weihang Logistics will, as always, adhere to the enterprise spirit of "High Quality, Efficiency, Integrity and Unity", with scientific resource integration, advanced management guidance and strong operation ability, closely follow the development trend of modem logistics in the world, and build the company into a domestic leading and internationally renowned modem logistics enterprise with high specialization, networking, informatization and standardization.

    Service Standard Commitment
    Our company will treat your company as a VIP customer, and our customer service center will be responsible for tracking the service. Wholeheartedly solve problems for customers, and the specific service standards are as follows:

    1、The cargo of your company would be transported by our company through the network of several agents. When your company does not specify and assign the network, our company will select the network for your company under the condition of ensuring safety, speed and low price. If your company has special requirements for the transportation network, we will make scientific arrangements according to the specific situation.

    2、We have full-time business and documentary clerks to provide tracking services for your company all day, responsible for the operation, tracking and information feedback of each shipment of your company.

    3、Pick up the parcels twice a day, and the time of pick-up shall be within 30-60 minutes after receiving the notice to ensure timely pick-up.

    4、We provide inquiry and tracking services for express and air transportation. We will reply within 10 minutes after receiving the telephone inquiry.

    5、Personalized Services:

    a、Optimize network services;b、Documentation Collection Service;c、Insurance Agency service;d、24-hour 365 days On call;e、Packaging services for special goods.

    6、Security of Goods and Customers Information : Our company have formed a perfect operation process and a safe information system. In each link of goods transit, standardized management standards are strictly implemented, the responsibility is assigned to each person, and the whole process is monitored. Strict confidentiality system is implemented for all customer information. The information of each order requires identification, and different permissions are set to prevent information leakage. Our network interworking platform and website information platform are super functional servers with our own structure, which operate independently. Professional network security personnel in our computer department carry out 24-hour timely monitoring, maintenance and management, which greatly ensures the stability and information security of our network platform.

    Your Choice

    Is The Beginning of Our Attentive Service

    HQ Add: 9th floor, Yinji Cross Border Building, Cross Border Industrial Zone, Xiangzhou, Zhuhai

    TEL: 0756-8818851

    FAX: 0756-8818851

    WEB: http://www.andrewbeatty.com



    HQ Add: 9th floor, Yinji Cross Border Building, Cross Border Industrial Zone, Xiangzhou, Zhuhai

    TEL: 0756-8818851

    FAX: 0756-8818851

    WEB: http://www.andrewbeatty.com